Rapid Response Network

What does it mean to be nimble and strategically responsive? How can we communicate effectively to respond to Ford's chaotic messaging?

That's what the Rapid Response Network is all about. A few weeks ago the Labour Council + OFL organized an activation meeting to kick start our regional Rapid Response Network. The goal of the evening was to establish a foundation of labour and community activists that will respond to Ford's attacks against workers. To do this the Rapid Response vanguard will be holding regular strategy meetings to plan events that will result in excellent turn outs at key actions. We know the Ontario Budget will initiate attacks against workers, so April 11 is our first big structure test. What will it take to create a Rapid Response to the Budget release? What are the tools required to make equity and diversity our organizing strength? These questions and more will be our focus as we prepare to take back our community.

As part of the provincial-wide organizing efforts local organizers will join forces in Toronto on March 25 at the OFL’s Take Back Ontario Conference. The one-day conference will roll-out the OFL’s full campaign plan designed to activate the Power of Many. It will feature engaging speakers and the launch of new organizing and educational tools.